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The UN Millenium Development Goals range from eradicating poverty and hunger to combating communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria. These are all very important goals, but none of these goals address the needs of the world’s poorest of the poor that are often forgotten, people with disabilities. According to the 58th World Health Assembly, 80% of people with disabilities live in low-income countries. This is due to the intricate connection between poverty and disability.

For years, organizations have been providing wheelchairs to the physically disabled in developing countries, with 20 million people still in need. The problem is that wheelchairs are not designed for the rough, unpaved roads present in many of these countries, severely limiting the user’s mobility to the point where they cannot travel to school or work.

We have developed a universally designed attachable hand-cycle that turns any wheelchair into a hand driven tricycle, allowing them to travel through rough terrain with ease. To provide the hand-cycles to as many individuals as possible, low cost manufacturing methods within the countries will be utilized. The manufacturing creates jobs, requires no special power tools, and the materials used to manufacture the hand-cycles are bamboo and recycled bicycle parts, readily available in almost every developing country. Our universal seat docking station allows us to dock our hand-cycle to all types of wheelchairs. This maximizes our efficiency because we are fixing existing wheelchairs, not replacing them all together.

In order to provide attachable hand-cycles to the disabled in developing countries at no charge, a sustainable business model is needed. BooGood Bicycles will be selling high quality bamboo bikes in the U.S. to support our overall mission of providing mobility to people in need; for every bamboo bike we sell, an attachable hand-cycle will be manufactured in Kenya – Africa and donated to someone in need through our BooGood Mobility nonprofit organization. We like to refer to this as our “Buy One, Build One” (BOBO) movement, where we provide jobs to local Kenyans, so they can empower the less fortunate in their community by building them an attachable hand-cycle.

No other bamboo bike on the market comes with a story like the BooGood Bicycles bamboo bike. Your bike purchase truly has “The Power to Do Good.”

— 2 years ago
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